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Scale 1" = 1 foot

What a cozy and comfortable living room!  Over stuffed floral sofa set and two people that love each other dearly make for a happy home even if their pug dog wants to look a little grumpy!

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People and Pet     More Room Accessories    
Grandmother with lace collar and eyeglasses,asst. 711-1731 $36.00 Green potted fern 124-6407


Grandfather in brown jacket and bow tie,asst. 711-1831 $36.00 Old fashioned black dial phone 281-7164

$  6.95

Their friendly but mad looking bull dog 444-0170 $12.00 Grandmother's hand Knit afghan 128-8000


Wall Decor     Miniature doll houses,assorted,ea. 442-2832

$  4.95

Three porcelain bird plates 281-1532 $10.95 Sunny,sunflower plant 124-6401


Fancy cut out walnut shelf 268-0512 $10.95 Fresh flower bouquet 444-8068


Handcrafted wreath with ribbons and vine 245-7001 $  8.95 Porcelain flowered basket with handle 444-0276

$  6.95

Porcelain vase with hanging vines and flowers 444-7108 $  6.95 Mint green square pillows,ea. 521-2000

$  3.00

You Love picture of two children 114-9070 $  7.50 Soft pink square pillow 521-1000

$  3.00

Ornate over sofa carved mirror 210-0650 $19.95 Cranberry pink hobnail lamp, non electric 222-1040

$  9.00

Banjo clock with reverse painting 164-0005 $17.95 The Basics In This Room    
Pink flowers in oriental vase picture 114-9137 $  7.50 Cameo rose wallpaper, 11-1/2" X 18" 551-1442

$  2.60

Sewing Stuff     Soft, plush baby blue carpet, 12" X 14" 521-1013


Walnut top old fashioned treadle sewing machine 153-4401 $39.00 Chinese oriental rug, 4-1/4" X 6" 527-1134


Black dress form 281-7048 $  3.50 baseboard, 22" long 926-0946

$  1.80

Pair of scissors 269-0546 $  3.00

Complete Living Room As

Spools of thread in assorted colors 168-0115 $  4.95


   # 20


Folding tape measure 239-0112 $  2.50 Doll House Wiring
Set of four dress patterns 124-3187 $  6.95 Electrify your doll house with our easy to install copper tape wiring kits made by Elect-a-lite.  Electric lights make such a nice difference!   No prior electrical knowledge is required. Easy to complete instructions are included.
Basket of embroidery floss and work in progress  disc. 680-5113 $25.95
Beautiful Furniture For This Room    
Sofa, chair and matching loveseat in pretty flowered fabric 112-6183 $36.00
Two drawer coffee table 112-2869 $13.00 Size 1-20 light bulb capacity kit to wire up to an eight room doll house.    #125


Round end table with pedestal base 112-5407 $  9.00 Size 2 -42 light bulb capacity kit to wire a nine plus room doll house.    #145   $


Pot belly black parlor stove 269-4233 $28.00      

We receive many inquiries daily about anything and everything pertaining to doll house's So...perhaps we can help you?   We stock many more pieces of dollhouse Furniture, accessories and building supplies than we  can show on the web right now. Our telephone order takers are located in the very same building that houses our retail store. They are happy to assist you in your catalog selections as well as with any other request you may have.

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